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Corporate Profile

Information Vortex Corporation is one of the original multimedia authoring companies in the industry. Started in 1991 as Looking Glass Software, Inc., Information Vortex Corporation has developed some of the major work in multimedia products, with customers that span the fortune 500. IVC is an IBM Development Partner, a Microsoft Development Partner, and a SUN Development Partner. Our closest working relationship is with Microsoft, while IBM is our oldest partner.

Information Vortex Corporation can be viewed as two companies in one. IVC is a developer of multimedia/Internet tools and systems, and IVC is a developer of multimedia/Internet end products. The value added that customers get from this combination, is that the authoring tool vendor is a member of the team, which means there will always be superior support should problems occur.

Corporate Headquarters
Los Angeles, CA. USA

IVC's Products
Powerful eBusiness, Multimedia Authoring, and Publishing Platform. Author for Stand alone, Visual Basic, MS Office or Internet/Intranet Delivery.

For Generating Hypertext documents with full graphics, audio, and video. Deliver Information with the Viper Presentation engine, through ActiveX Controls. Deploy in Visual Basic, MS Office, or save as a HTML Document.

Take Alantus and ViperWrite to the Limit. Choose from RavenWrite TM , RavenDraw TM , RavenBase TM , and the powerful Alantus Player ActiveX Objects.

Customer Base
Small, Medium Size Businesses, large Corporations



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