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IVC supports online learning and self-paced training for end-users. Our services prepare students to install, administer, troubleshoot, and develop using Alantus, the Web services-based platform that connects applications, suppliers, customers and partners into a flexible supply network.
eTraining : IVC records our live, internal eSeminar and eClass training events and makes these recordings available for purchase by customers and partners. These events are designed to be viewed from a student's own desktop at his own pace. These 60 to 90 minute events provide basic familiarity with our solutions, including product features, functions, architecture, implementation approaches, operational insights and leading practices.
Self-Paced Training for End-Users : Self-Paced End-User Training for Alantus compliments our eTraining solution. These scalable, hands-on training solutions deliver end-user training on a variety of IVC applications. These tools are best suited for training a large number of buyers, suppliers, bidders and end users quickly, cost effectively and simultaneously, at their own pace.
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