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Alliance Programs

Three Key Goals:

1. Increase your revenue and profits:
The Alantus Initiative helps you bring in more money and keep more of what you bring in.
2. Differentiate your services:
Our programs help you create competitive advantages in the quality of your services, enabling you to create customer loyalty.
3. Simplify doing business with Ingenuity:
The Alantus Partner programs make it easy with better communication, streamlined ordering and approval processes, and more.

Customized Programs for Specific Business Types
In addition to the broad range of programs available to all partners, Ingenuity has created programs tailored specifically to the needs of specific business types: service providers, ISP's, solution resellers, OEMs, and marketing firms.

Alantus Partner Programs

-- Ingenuity Educational Services give you access to comprehensive education and training services.
-- Ingenuity Competency Program, updated training, certification, and accreditation program for resellers.
-- Pre-Launch training gets you up to speed on the latest Ingenuity products and technologies before they're formally announced.
-- The Alantus Partner Program for Ingenuity ONE empowers those highly qualified technology partners to deliver Ingenuity's best-of-breed software architecture and services. Customers will benefit from this program by being able to easily identify Ingenuity partners who are qualified to supply software and services associated with Ingenuity ONE.

-- The Ingenuity Developer Connection Partner Program provides a single entry point for software development partners to choose their level of participation, access, and connection with Ingenuity by providing comprehensive resources to successfully build, certify, market and sell your solutions.


-- Competitive discounts on selected Ingenuity and partner products and services are available to Alantus partners.
-- Product Summits enable you to discuss progress and issues on product development directly with Ingenuity.
-- The Alantus 1 Program promotes the quality of your company and its services through the Alantus 1 mark of excellence.

-- Co-Marketing Programs help you promote your products and services through press releases, advertising, and success stories.
-- The Partner Portal is a dedicated web site with secured, entitled access to up-to-date information about Alantus programs and products customized to your partner type and geography. (Coming Soon)
-- Alantus Partner Summits help you get together with complementary partners in matchmaking events, focus groups, and communities of interest.

-- Ingenuity's Partner Sales Organization gives you access to a wealth of sales support and programs.
-- Sales Services: Ingenuity will provide high-visibility joint marketing initiatives to generate new business opportunities in the form of sales leads and market exposure.
-- Alantus Rewards is a reseller incentive program designed to stimulate incremental sales of Alantus solutions and uniquely targeted at the entire authorized partner sales team including principals and Sales Reps.

For more information, please contact us at, or call 323.417.4960.

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