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IVC Consulting Services helps clients enable their businesses through the development of premier web applications and web services.

Building a successful web application depends on defining clear business objectives at the start of the project. As such, IVC offers roadmapping services for clients who wish to plan multiple projects, or who would like to re-evaluate their priorities for creating web services and a supporting environment. Roadmap Engagements can focus on business objectives, architecture objectives, or both. These activities generally range from 4 to 6 weeks, but IVC recognizes the need for flexibility in these types of engagements and will work to meet your needs.


Business Roadmap
The Business Roadmap engagement guides the corporation in translating their strategy into a web framework, develop a deployment and channel distribution strategy and prioritize potential web services projects with success criteria. Deliverables may include a "Web Services Impact Analysis", and "Go-to-Market Plan".

Architecture Roadmap
The Architecture Roadmap engagement assists customers with examining existing technology architecture within a web application environment and strategic requirements. Deliverables may include an "Architecture Analysis" and "Architecture Design Plan" for supporting the web application architecture. The Architecture Roadmap Engagement works best when conducted in conjunction with a Business Roadmap Engagement but it can be conducted separately as well. The intention of these processes is to drive out high-ROI business initiatives that make sense with your technical goals and realities.

Implementation engagements form the heart of transforming companies' core competencies into web services and flexible web applications. These engagements include Design, Development and Deployment and Implementation of "best-practice" web-enablement projects. Additional projects may include "Partner and Community Development" that facilitates enabling internal and external channels to manage a web services-based environment and "Program Management" activities to coordinate multiple-project implementations.

IVC has established numerous corporate partnerships with industry leaders to ensure that members of the IVC network have access to a complete solution.


Success through Risk Reduction and Change Management
The IVC Methodology combines elements of a Waterfall Methodology and Time-Box Methodology to offer the best mechanisms for designing, developing and deploying IVC solutions. The IVC project team will conduct a rigorous and complete requirements definition, followed by flexible prototyping cycles, an intense QA period, and carefully planned deployment activities. The result will be a premier web application, full of web services, all couched in a strategic plan for deployment.

IVC believes that effective change management reduces risk and contributes to overall success of projects. IVC handles these issues throughout its methodology, and specific deliverables and processes are addressed throughout. The combination of waterfall and time-boxing processes has been selected to maximize efficiency while minimizing risk.
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