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ivc provides professional .net and java development services to fit the needs of businesses large and small. contact us today to see how we can help your business leverage the benefits java has to offer.

custom application development is the process of developing robust, scalable software systems to meet client needs. our line of java and .net components are designed to drastically speed up your project development cycle by integrating commonly used functionality into reusable platform independent components . the amount of development time saved by using pre-built and tested alantus components can typically save you thousands of dollars in wasted programming resources and move your java application to market much faster.

alantus engineers and partner developers follow a rapid development process that enables them to move efficiently and effectively from requirements gathering and analysis to design, code and test iterations. although iterative in nature, this methodology follows distinct phases and provides the client with early, well-defined deliverables. these distinct phases incorporates a system of checks and balances to ensure that client expectations for the site and for the quality of our work are met at each stage. status reports, task based plans and work in progress are continually reported to keep you informed and the project on time and on budget. typical phases include:


ivc engineers are able to determine a client's vision and needs quickly and then develop the required software and code in a repeatable and predictable fashion. the process ensures rapid web infrastructure development and higher project quality within the contract period. rapid development methodology maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of development resources, and those of our customers, to produce the most robust, scalable web solutions in the shortest possible time.

you need your ebusiness projects completed rapidly to stay competitive. as a result, the frantic pace of developing applications in "internet time" has pressed development schedules to the extreme. in addition, the quality expected of e-business applications is increasing. sites expect round-the-clock operation and are unforgiving of any delays or failures. web applications built hastily - tend to suffer eventually from the lack of scalability and maintainability; they can quickly become a developer's nightmare. regardless of these challenges, web and e-business software is still required to demonstrate the same, if not higher, quality and longevity than traditional applications. that is why ivc uses tried and true open standards based reuseable components to develop a solution.

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at the heart of modern software process methodologies is the principle of iterative and incremental development. this principle overcomes many of the problems and weaknesses of the "waterfall model" of software development by allowing more frequent checkpoints and visibility into the development process, earlier discovery of potential errors or misunderstandings, and the timely incorporation of customer feedback. this ultimately leads to a reduction of risk and an increased likelihood of delivering quality software on time and within budget.

the benefits of the iterative and incremental include:

quick discovery of customer business requirements and their impact on software requirements.
anticipation of change, the ability to quickly respond to change, and recovery from change.
use of milestones and checkpoints to monitor progress without stifling progress.
ability to keep the client involved and aware of development progress at all times.

apart from the below methodology specifically used for executing web projects, ivc has put in place well defined processes for various phases of the software development lifecycle. some of the processes/ standards that have been defined include, among others:

coding standards
process for project effort estimation
process for project planning
process for project schedule tracking
process for project reviews
process for project deployment

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