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Alantus eProcurement
is a web-based supplier management, procurement and business intelligence tool that offers more than just market-leading procurement capabilities. Alantus eProcurement is a full-cycle Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution that can manage all supplier-related processes from strategy to execution. Alantus eProcurement delivers powerful capabilities in areas such as:

Content consolidation
Global spend analysis
Nth Tier Reporting
RFx Builder
Services procurement
Contract management for better contract compliance
Precise Supplier Matchmaking
Seamless integration with established process
Paperless Forms Processing

Alantus eProcurement provides global enterprise management of your procurement and reporting processes. With Alantus eProcurement's web-based open architecture, suppliers are presented with a secure collaborative online environment and the tools to properly participate and stay compliant. Alantus eProcurement provides the following key capabilities:

Strategic Sourcing
Compress sourcing cycle times and reduce the risk of supply shortfalls with a suite of tools for spend analysis, supplier identification and selection and contract management.

Sourcing Analytics
Supplier Evaluation
Auctions and Requests for Quotation
Contract Management

Business Intelligence
Provides the most accurate data and powerful tools to generate the critical reports.

Nth Tier Reporting
Real-time Reporting
Custom Report Generation

Supplier Enablement
Drive supplier participation and increase responsiveness by enabling suppliers of all sizes to process orders generate invoices and update specifications.

Supplier Portal
Supplier Connectivity

Content Management
Consolidate and manage product and vendor information across different groups, locations and systems to increase visibility and facilitate collaboration processes.

Content Consolidation
Catalog Content Management

Alantus eProcurement Features
Alantus eProcurement helps you to reduce the cost of goods sold throughout the company by improving supply-related efficiently and enhancing the value of supplier relationships. Alantus eProcurement delivers business benefits in the following key areas:

Business Intelligence
Nth Tier Reporting
Multi-tier reporting is automated as contracts are awarded, procedures are enforced and suppliers participate
Rule-based Report Generation Management
Reports can be generated based upon a policies and procedures required by compliance agencies
Real-time data Reporting
Reports present the most up-to-date information
Custom reporting
Create reports by any collectable parameters

Softcopy Report Generation
Reports can be saved as Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat files
Supplier Matchmaking
Precise Supplier Searching
Easily find Suppliers that meet your exact criteria
Certification Validation
Validate Suppliers certifications and participation status automatically
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Profile Management
Easily create and manage extensive supplier profiles
Self-serve Supplier Portal
Each supplier Portal provides the most relevant information and communications at-a-glance
RFx Management
Easily create, manage and track the response of all RFx's
Full Lifecycle Tracking
Once an RFX is created it is properly sent to the right Suppliers, tracks each response and continues through to the award process
Contract Management Connectivity
All RFx's, once awarded, are attached to each contractor and subcontractor profiles
Contract Management
Process Management
Manage contract approvals and security
Multi-Supplier Linkage
Easily attach subcontractor profiles to awarded contracts
Contract Repository
Track and manage contracts and key deal data
Document Management
Paperless Forms Generation
Forms are generated with the most up-to-date information
Document Search
Easily and quickly find the right documents
Document Accessibility
Anytime accessibility from anywhere in the world
Content Management
Role-based Management
Permission settings allow proper content managers access to the right areas
Customizable Executive Dashboards
Allows each employee within your company to have just the right information and tools
24/7 Security
Round-the-clock protection of data and systems
Data Encryption
The strongest encryption is used to protect data and communications, including 128-bit Verisign SSL Certification and 1024 Bit RSA public keys
Application Security
Robust application security prevents one customer from accessing another's data
Open Architecture
3rd Party and Legacy Application Integration
External systems can be integrated for maximum usability
Platform Independence
The Web-based architecture allows complete heterogeneous accessibility

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