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Introducing IVC's Alantus Portal - an innovative cost-saving platform that enables you to deliver unique and personalized information and applications with ease.

The Alantus Portal platform is designed to be easily deployed quickly and cost-effectively across your enterprise. Alantus Portal connects employees, customers, and partners to personalized views of information, resources and business processes stored in diverse internal and external legacy information systems. Designed for rapid deployment and bundled with the necessary services to get the portal up and running, the Alantus Portal easily integrates with your existing enterprise business systems and runs on all leading application servers.

Companies have discovered that the Alantus Portal can easily incorporate different application servers, mange a wide range of content, and assemble a volume and variety of Web applications. The Alantus Portal provides unique abilities, including:
An open architecture that unifies the management of multiple initiatives on a single portal network with minimal time and effort.
Integration features that allow you to leverage existing technology investments with our application-server-independent architecture and support for industry standard integration technologies, programming languages, standards and protocols.
A development platform that enables you to build applications that fit into your business environment.
Content management features that empower non-technical users to manage publishing and collaboration areas.

Open Architecture
The Alantus Portal creates an environment that's open and flexible for assembling, managing and delivering applications. Through Web services applications built in different languages, and hosted on different application severs are easily integrated to provide a comprehensive environment that is distributable across your entire enterprise.

Integration with your internal and eternal systems becomes easier with Alantus with our prebuilt interfaces that meet all Web services standards. The Alantus Portal provides an integrated view into your entire operation which makes for a more collaborative and efficient business.

Enterprise Development Platform
To ensure that applications built for maximum usability and so that they can work together regardless of the environment in which they were developed, the Alantus Portal offers an Enterprise Development Kit (EDK) with a set of code samples for Java and .NET development environments.

Alantus Portal Comprehensive Feature Set

Customization and Personalization
Includes traditional user-customization and personalized content.
Modular Presentation Framework
Uses a flexible presentation framework to control the look, feel and content of each page and lets your users control the content they see and how it appears in their portal view.
Allows for portlets within the portal page to be replaced without rebuilding the entire portal or page.
User Management
Gives precise control over what users can see and edit on the portal.
Allows for an extensible set of roles associated with different communities or teams.
Lets business users assign different authorizations for different areas of the portal, ensuring that your portal maps to your organization properly
Delegated Administration
Uses comprehensive administration tools to give assigned users control over who sees what content in which areas of the portal.
Meets the most stringent security requirements for healthcare, national security and homeland security applications.
Integrates with LDAP directories as well as dedicated security solutions for single sign-on to give users a seamless and secure experience.
Includes keyword, natural language and parametric search with Boolean operators searching the full text of documents.
Contextual hyperlinking lets you provide users with authorized links to related context.
Content Management
Provides zone and task-list portlets for accessing content as part of a regulated workflow.
Allows check-in, check-out version control and a flexible work flow for approving content
Content Syndication
Lets you import up-to-the-minute news content from third-party data feeds.
Web Services
Provides portlets that leverage emerging standards, such as SOAP, XML, UDDI, and WSDL, and easily integrates Web services into the Portal environment.
Lets self-regulating communities manage their own membership, pages and portlets.
Includes standard portlets for improving group productivity:
Calendar Portlet
Directory Portlet
Discussion Portlet
Document Exchange Portlet
Quicklinks Portlet
Gives administrators reporting tools that capture extremely precise data on users' behavior streams and lets them better understand the portal's effectiveness.
Includes a base set of portal performances indicators to help measure ongoing effectiveness.
Mobile Ready
Complete compatibility for web enabled mobile devices.
Ready-to-use Components
Built-in Admin. Tools
Portal Layout Tool
Call Web Services
Document Storage and Versioning
Store with Inventory
Insert Website (Iframe)


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