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Alantus Recruiter
is a comprehensive recruiting and hiring solution that empowers recruiters, hiring managers, and recruiting management in every stage of the recruiting process. The core Alantus | Recruiter solution features powerful applications designed to equip your recruiting team for success by delivering robust functionality where your recruiting and hiring processes need it most.

Alantus Recruiter is designed to fully automate every step of even the most complex recruiting process. This enterprise solution utilizes revolutionary technology to improve the quality of hire, streamline hiring processes and significantly reduce the time and costs associated with the hiring of all types of workers including exempt, non-exempt and contingent.

Alantus Recruiter facilitates interaction from candidates, employees, recruiters, hiring managers, administrators and strategic decision makers. The ability to effectively manage multiple business units on a global scale enables you to build a superior workforce that aligns with your organization's business objectives easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Alantus Recruiter provides you with the tools you need to:

Easily search through volumes of resumes to identify the best candidates with our patented KnowledgeBase multi-filter search technology
Create a world-class experience for applicants and passive candidates browsing your job site
Measure and communicate recruiting success through superior reporting and analytics tools
Be prepared for compliance reporting and audits through robust, automated candidate tracking actions
Integrate seamlessly with your existing HRMS system, without sacrificing functionality

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