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E-mail marketing is made easy with the Alantus Marketing. Marketing efforts are simplified by enabling you to quickly create targeted e-mail campaigns and newsletters in either plain text, HTML or Rich Media formats. In just a few easy steps you can control who receives what message and when. Professional e-mail templates, used for newsletters and specific marketing campaigns, are made quick and effortless.

Key benefits

Generate targeted e-mail campaigns
Personalize your e-mail content
Complete campaign life-cycle reporting
Easily create and distribute newsletters

E-mail Campaign and Newsletter Creator
The Alantus Marketing allows anyone to create, edit, save and distribute e-mail campaigns and newsletters. Our easy to use management interface simplifies the process of creating customized e-mail templates that promote your brand identity. The Alantus Marketing provides:

Easy template creation and management
Simplified content management
Built-in opt-in and opt-out options
An effortless process to create text, HTML or rich media e-mails

List Management
The Alantus Marketing provides powerful list management that can be used to target specific groups of people for content distribution. This allows you to reach the customers of your choice and market unique and personalized messages. The Alantus Marketing list management provides:

An easy way to personalize any e-mail campaign or newsletter
In-depth and customizable recipient segmentation
Trouble free database importing

Campaign Reporting
The Alantus Marketing brings complete value to your e-mail campaigns and newsletters by allowing you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. The Alantus Marketing's reporting engine provides the business intelligence it takes to measure and improve on every campaign effort developed making this a highly effective marketing tool. The Alantus Marketing built-in reporting provides:

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Valuable viewer insight
Full marketing life-cycle reporting
Real-time reporting
Custom campaign reporting
Easy to use in-depth data mining

Alantus Marketing Features

E-mail Merge - Personalization
Template System
Automatic Footer Message
Link Aliasing (rename long links with user-friendly names)
Easy to use content management interface
List Upload Control (Replace/Append)
Automatic Unsubscribe Confirmation Message
Reply/Unsubscribe Handling
Bounce Retry/Processing
Detailed/Real-Time Reporting
Individual Tracking/Profiling - Complete e-mail action history
Export Reports to Excel, Word and PDF
Custom Report Builder
Top Domains Report
Performance Benchmarking (List & Message Indexes)

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